A Subtle Way To Enhance Your Visual Identity

This overlooked design element can help attract the right audience.

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How do brands communicate personality without saying a word?

The obvious answers are:

  • Fonts

  • Colours

  • Images

But there’s one thing people don’t give as much attention to:

  • Shapes

Even subtle details like corners can shape how a brand is perceived.

Pun intended 😜

The right combination of colours, fonts, imagery, and shapes creates a solid visual identity.

This helps your intended brand personality match public perception.

Here’s what a few startups are doing with their corners:

Corners in the Wild

→ BambooHR

BambooHR is an approachable, human-centric HR platform with excellent customer service.

Along with their friendly fonts and calming colours, it also makes sense that they use large, rounded corners for their buttons, shapes, and illustrations.

All of this together forms a nice, welcoming visual identity.

Now THAT’S a pill!

→ Shapr3D

Shapr3D is a mobile-first CAD (computer-aided design) tool that connects design and manufacturing teams.

As an innovative company based on precision and excellence, they present us with satisfyingly boxy layouts and right-angled corners — not a rounded button in sight.

Even their new logo icon is an appropriate box-like “S”.

Don’t hurt yourself on those sharp corners now…

→ Canva

Canva aims to be the design tool for everyone. They are an approachable company with user-friendly software, and they want it to be seen as a professional design tool for the industry.

On the overt side, they use friendly colours and fonts with a pleasant handwritten logo.

And for shapes, we can see they take the middle road — using rounded corners ranging from small to medium sizes.

These corners have a radius of about 8 pixels (which is my go-to size)

Nuances That Define Brand Perception

In the nuanced world of brand identity, every curve and angle matters.

The right shapes, colours, fonts, and imagery used in harmony will attract the right audience and make a significant impact.

As such, a skilled designer will consider all aspects of a visual identity — to present your business in the best possible light.

Shape Your Identity; Shape Your Future

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