Dare to Enter the New

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I haven’t written for the past few weeks because I’ve been super busy with a new project.

I’m now the Creative Director for a luxury streetwear brand set to launch later this year.

What started as naming and visual identity design quickly evolved into an ongoing gig to help build the brand from scratch.

The thing is… I know nothing about streetwear — or fashion, for that matter.

For me, fashion has always been this nebulous bubble filled with odd clothes and nice-looking skinny people.

(Of course, this is a narrow view based on my limited exposure. Plus, younger designers and DIY thinkers have made the industry way more accessible.)

Stepping into a new role or discipline can be intimidating. I’ve been through it more than a few times.

As nervous as I feel, it gets a little easier each time.

“All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone.”

Tony Robbins

Entering a new discipline allows me to be a beginner again. I try to focus on the learning and creativity involved.

The beginner mindset brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas — unbound by existing rules or the way things have always been done.

Once we’ve been doing something for years, it’s easy to forget how to think like a beginner.

Dare to enter the new.

Find that inner student.

🤖 Robert

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