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The ultimate hack is mastering the fundamentals.

While advancing our careers and growing our businesses, we often look ahead while forgetting the basics — the building blocks that got us here.

Whether it’s design, coding, copywriting, marketing, sales, or any other skill…

We must be sure to have a proper foundation before building our house.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you still grounded in the essentials?

  • Have you honed your craft?

Sometimes, the most profound progress lies in mastering what we already know.

What About Me?

I do this when I feel stagnant and need a brain boost for better design.

Like now… I’m designing a luxury streetwear brand that requires a lot of innovative typography. It’s a really cool project, and I want to bring a buttload of creativity to the table.

So I went to the library and borrowed a bunch of typography books. Flipping through them, I got so excited, I was like a squirrel on a caffeine binge ☕️🐿️

Now I’m all charged up with inspiration and motivation to explore new typographic styles — it feels amazing!

Just to show you what I’m reading…

Here’s a few pages from 1000 Type Treatments by Wilson Harvey/Loewy:

Which fundamentals have you revisited lately?

🤖 Robert

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