Meet the Bob Ross of Science!

Discover the Adorable Side of Math and Physics with Toby Hendy

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Remember Bob Ross?

The iconic TV painter with the afro-perm and soothing voice?

This passive, soft-spoken, hippie-looking oil painter became a meme legend — loved for his storytelling, joyful persona, and amazing artwork.

“Just look at those happy little trees!”

Well, guess what…

I found the Bob Ross of math and physics 😮

Her name is Toby Hendy... and she’s an absolute delight.

Hey, that’s a knitted Klein bottle toque!

Toby Hendy: A Rising YouTube Star

Toby began her YouTube journey at 15 years old — on her Tibees channel.

Now at 28, she has an impressive 1.19M subscribers and 273 videos.

With a background in physics, mathematics, and astronomy, this New Zealander chose YouTube over her PhD — dedicating herself to making science accessible and fun 🔬

Always smiling and drawing pictures…

Unique Science Education

Toby is a wonderful storyteller, able to explain complex concepts to those of us who aren't too science-y.

Her channel stands out with collaborations such as Vsauce3, Physics Girl, and Veritasium.

Her approach to teaching complex topics includes cute characters, stop-action animation, and outdoor chalkboard lessons.

She even uses gingerbread to explain the Babylonian number system!

mmm… ancient math…

A Style That Resonates

Like Bob Ross, Toby Hendy’s unique personality, calm demeanor, and distinctive long hair make her videos feel like personal tutoring sessions

I especially love her short demonstrations on 4D space, like this interesting one and its follow-up.

Then I watched Finding XToby’s mathematical short film.

A testament to Toby’s storytelling talent, this is an 11-minute stop-action animation where the main character, X, tries to find its value in life.

A heartwarming mathematical story…

Insight on YouTube Growth

Reflecting on her YouTube success, Toby notes the importance of uniqueness and consistency in content creation:

“In 2018 I went from 1,000 subscribers to over 100,000. I started to understand that to grow on YouTube you need to offer something unique and you need to be consistent. I really enjoyed making videos, being creative, and coming up with ideas.”

– Toby Hendy

Connecting Science and Community

Toby Hendy is a prime example of turning passion into a personal brand

Despite being shy and quiet, she communicates science to the rest of the world in a beautiful and unique way.

You can learn more about Toby on her website.

Have you watched any of Toby Hendy's videos?

What's your favorite?

🤖 Robert

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