Microwave Madness: My Best Post Ever

See how a simple post about microwaves gained attention.

Read time: 1 minute

My best-performing social media post ever was about using a microwave.

No joke.

I posted this on May 3rd, and within two days it got 18.8k+ impressions, 276 likes, 8 reposts, 3 bookmarks, and 62 comments.

Why did it perform well?

Who knows how the algorithm really works, but here are some things I probably did right:

  1. It’s relatable – People use microwaves every day. Plus, not one person on Earth enjoys the sound of microwave beeps!

  2. It asks one easy question – With such an easy question to answer: “Who else does this?” people are compelled to either share their experience or simply raise their hand.

  3. It shows personality – I’m more than a broken record posting the same algorithm-pleasing content all the time. 

  4. It includes a gif – The visual element of a countdown makes the experience more real.

What does this mean for my content?

Of course, I’m not going to start posting about microwaves all the time, but I’ll definitely keep posting gifs, memes, and other funny stuff.

It’s what I enjoy, and it’s a part of my brand.

Engagement is cool and all, but have you tried making genuine connections?

Now for an excellent gif involving a microwave oven and a small frozen pizza.

…but how is he supposed to turn the thing on?!

Stay fresh,
🤖 Robert

P.S. I also learned from this post that microwave beeps can be turned off 🤯 Did you know that?!

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