The Unsung Hero in Your Visual Identity

Why you shouldn't ignore this game-changing design element

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In brand identity design, certain elements often steal the spotlight.

Vibrant colours, cool logos, and sleek typography dominate the conversation.

But there’s an unsung hero…

the ninja of the design world…

sneaking into the visual dojo without you even knowing it!

If you feel your design is missing something, this overlooked element could be the game-changer your brand needs:

→ Patterns

In graphic design, a pattern is a set of repetitive elements that work together as a unit.

There are countless types and styles of patterns (as no doubt you’ve seen).

They’re cute, cool, subtle, or prominent.

They feature dots, boxes, flowers, lemons, logos... you name it.

Let's open this door…

to explore…


The Undeniable Benefits of Patterns in Branding

  • Memorability: Our brains love patterns ❤️ so you automatically become more noticeable and memorable by using them in various ways.

  • Uniqueness: People may use the same fonts or colours as you, but almost guaranteed they won’t have the same pattern as you 😉

  • Versatility: They can be applied to any piece of design, from your sites to products to video transitions…

  • Unity: They knit together your brand attributes (colours, shapes, movement, etc.) to give you an INVINCIBLE visual identity!

Solopreneurs with Stellar Patterns

Jens Lennartsson uses a grungy halftone pattern across all of his visuals. 

It nicely ties together his identity — even when using different coloured backgrounds.

Chris Spooner uses a portfolio grid pattern as a background.

The background is faded to make his logo stand out more, but visible enough to get a glimpse of his work.

ADHD Designer has a text-based pattern using her handle.

A simple but effective solution for a visually interesting and memorable banner.

James Martin creates collages of his logo designs.

This is a brilliant way to showcase a logo portfolio and make it more attractive to viewers.

How to Get Your Own Pattern

Ready to ninja-kick your brand into high visibility?

Hire a brand designer (like me) or do it yourself.

If you’re DIYing it, align your pattern's look and feel with your brand identity.

Which brand elements will you use?

  • Your logo or icons

  • Your name or other text

  • Your colours, shapes, or other styles

What style is your brand design?

  • Digital or hand-drawn

  • Simple or elaborate

  • Geometric or whimsical

You could go minimal or go full-on Jackson Pollock on your design…

…though you might not want to use real paint.

There’s A LOT of room to work with in creating a pattern.

Make it reflect YOURSELF and your INTENDED AUDIENCE.

Want More Pattern Inspiration?

Airbnb turned its logo into a seamless pattern.

This subtle, low-contrast solution makes for a fantastic background.

Evernote created patterns from their new icon set in a recent redesign.

They do an excellent job of incorporating these patterns into their visual identity.

Ready to Get Hands-on?

There are plenty of tutorials to guide you through the design process.

Here are some tutorials for Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, and Canva.

Your Brand Identity’s Secret Weapon

Once you’ve crafted the perfect pattern, you’ll find it’s not just an aesthetic choice…

It’s a branding powerhouse!

While logos and colors often steal the spotlight, a well-crafted pattern is your brand's stealthy ally.

From adding consistency to making a lasting impression, patterns offer a versatile way to set your brand apart.

Ready to unleash your brand's inner ninja?

Step into my dojo.

I can help you create the perfect branded pattern for your identity — or craft your complete brand identity from scratch.

Message me here and we’ll chat.

🤖 Robert


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